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Mobi-Road Mobility on unstable grounds

Product image 1Close up of brown Mobs-Road matting
Product image 2Mobi-Road Mobility on unstable grounds
Product image 3Mobi-Road Mobility on unstable grounds
Product image 4Photograph of man driving maintenance vehicle on a blue rolled out mobi-road placed on grass.
Product image 5Photograph of Man rolling out blue Mobi-road on grass.
Product image 6Photograpth of blue rolled up Mobi-road on grass. There is someone's arm in the shot using a finger to hold the mobi-road in place.
Product image 7Photograph of two men riding a golf cart on a blue rolled out mobi-road which is on grass.
Product image 8Close up angle shot of blue mobi-road rolled out onto grass.
Product image 9Photograph of man standing on grass lifting up a blue rolled up Mobi-Road from bright orange straps.
Product image 10Mobi-Road Mobility on unstable grounds
Product image 11Mobi-Road Mobility on unstable grounds
Product image 12Mobi-Road Mobility on unstable grounds

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Mobi-Road - Mobility on unstable grounds

Mobi-Road is designed for creating temporary roads, working platforms and easy vehicle access on unstable grounds like sand, snow, mud, gravel and lawns.

Robust non-slip corrugated surface

Designed for US military forces using patented 3D technology, the puncture resistant corrugated surface provides great traction for all types of vehicles from cars to tractors to heavy trucks. 

Ground protection

Mobi-Road prevents vehicles from getting stuck, while also protecting the ground from any damage that could be caused due to recurring vehicle traffic.

Easy installation

Mobi-Road can be installed on any surface with minimal ground preparation. It takes two people just 15 minutes to roll out 50 metres. Stake anchors are supplied for securing the mat to the ground.

Flexible configuration

Mobi-Road comes in lightweight rolls. Each roll is equipped with a specific fitting on both ends, allowing easy and simple connection with additional rolls to create a temporary road of any size.

Low maintenance

Mobi-Road can be used as a temporary or permanent solution and can be washed with a high pressure washer.

Longer roadways and larger projects

Mechanical equipment like the front-loader, trailer-mounted or truck mounted dispenser are available for longer roadways and larger projects. 

Environmentally friendly

Made in France from 100% recycled polyester, Mobi-Road contributes to the health of our environment by only utilising recycled plastics.

World Leader

Mobi-Road is used extensively by the Ministry of Defence (MOD), airports and public works companies around the world. These portable roadway systems are versatile and allow for the quick construction of roadways and working platforms for various military operations including JLOTS, bridgehead expansion and bridging etc.


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