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Mobi-Path Portable Access Pathways

Product image 1Mobi-Path Portable Access Pathways
Product image 2Mobi-Path Portable Access Pathways
Product image 3Mobi-Path Portable Access Pathways
Product image 4Mobi-Path Portable Access Pathways
Product image 5Mobi-Path Portable Access Pathways
Product image 6Mobi-Path Portable Access Pathways
Product image 7Mobi-Path Portable Access Pathways
Product image 8Photograph of two men wearing caps, one pulling a golf buggy and the other is pushing a golf buggy on a blue Mobi-Path rolled out on grass.
Product image 9Photograph of two men wearing caps riding a golf cart on a blue rolled out Mobi-Path which is on grass.
Product image 10Photograph of man in cap standing on grass and lifting a blue rolled up mobi mat
Product image 11Photograph of blue rolled up mobi-path secured by bright orange straps on grass.
Product image 12Mob-Path being used on the beach by a child in a three wheeled wheelchair with two surf lifesavers and two other children
Product image 13Photograph of a disabled archer on a blue Mobi- Path / Roadway that has been rolled out on grass, shooting an arrow at a bright target
Product image 14A disabled person in a wheelchair with a  dog on his lap is being pushed a long a brown Mobi- Path / Roadway that has been rolled out on grass in a cemetery
Product image 15Mobi-Path Portable Access Pathways
Product image 16Photograph of a workman rolling out a Mobi- Path / Roadway along reinforced iron mesh at a construction site. Walking away from photographer.
Product image 17Photograph of a blue Mobi - Path / Roadway that  is being used  a temporary footpath at a building / construction area to keep people safe and out of dangers way.
Product image 18Photograph of Mobi- Path / Roadway running along sand down towards the sea and a beach with beach umbrellas and chairs either side of the path. There are green and yellow plants either side of the path and people and boats in the sea.
Product image 19Photograph of bright blue sky with a brown Mobi-Path / Roadway running along sand on a beach towards the sea. With beach chairs and waves in the sea.
Product image 20Close up of Mobs-Path on sand
Product image 21Close up of blue Mobi-Path with two white lines printed on it
Product image 22Mobi-Path Portable Access Pathways
Product image 23Mobi-Path Portable Access Pathways

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Roll-out portable access pathways

Mobi-Path is the world’s leading semi-rigid roll-out pathways, sidewalks and beach accessibility mats that are transforming parks, hotels, beaches, golf courses, coastal and ski resorts globally.

As well as protecting the ground, Mobi-Path provides a smooth continuous surface without gaps for people with disabilities, parents with strollers, the elderly, pedestrians, cyclists, skiers, even water sports equipment and golf carts!

Robust non-slip surface

Designed for US Military forces using patented 3D technology, Mobi-Path is like nothing else on the market. Its permeable structure also remains cool when exposed to high temperatures for the benefit of barefoot beachgoers and disabled people.

Ground protection

Mobi-Path channels traffic along designated areas to protect sensitive dunes and grounds. Grass will even grow through mats that are installed for a long period.

Easy installation

Mobi-Path can be installed on any surface with minimal ground preparation. It takes two people just 15 minutes to roll out 50 metres. Stake anchors are supplied for securing the mat to the ground.

Flexible configuration

Mobi-Path comes in lightweight rolls. Each roll is equipped with a specific fitting on both ends, allowing easy and simple connection with additional rolls to create a pathway of any length.

Temporary or permanent solution

Mobi-Path can be used as a temporary or permanent solution. Beach tractors can drive over the top, as long as they lift their rakes. Mobi-Path is saltwater resistant and not affected by tidal change.

Low maintenance

Under normal conditions Mobi-Path requires little to no maintenance. The permeable structure allows sand to filter through and it can also be swept with a broom or leaf blower.

Environmentally friendly

Made in France from 100% recycled polyester, Mobi-Path contributes to the environment by utilising recycled plastics.


There are two types of Mobi-Path with different thicknesses, weaves and durability. The AFX product is extremely durable and can even sustain light to medium weight vehicles driving on it. It has a life expectancy of more than ten years.

The LCN product is a lighter weight product that has been designed specifically for pedestrians. It helps to channel traffic along designated areas. 

Advertising Panels to promote your organisation or a sponor

Printing is available on advertising panels which can be added to an end of the matting. Advertising panels are 1.53m wide and 0.65m long.

Key Features AFX

  • The leading brand of beach matting available world-wide 
  • Lab tested, long lasting and made of 100% recycled PET bottles 
  • Available in 5m to 30m interconnecting lengths 
  • Can be installed as a temporary or permanent pathway 
  • AFX is available in accessibility pathway compliant widths of 1.53m or 1.98m 
  • Super thin and compact for easy storage 
  • Serviceable design and life expectancy of 10+ years 
  • Patented non-slip corrugated surface
  • Easy installation and low maintenance 
  • Supports light to medium sized vehicles 
  • Protects sensitive grounds

Key Features LCN

  • Available in 1m widths that are 5m 
  • Lengths can be joined together to make a longer path
  • Light weight only, 5.5kg
  • Lab tested, long lasting and made of 100% recycled plastic
  • Patented non-slip corrugated surface
  • Easy installation and low maintenance 
  • Supports light to medium weight mobile items such as trolleys, wheelchairs
  • Handy carry straps

Installation & Use 

  • Minimal ground surface preparation required
  • Only 2 people required to roll out the path 
  • Approx 15 minutes to roll out 50m 
  • One person setup and pack up using Mobi-Dispenser 
  • Secured to the ground with easy to use stakes - inserted through eyelets 
  • Beach cleaning vehicles able to drive over the top - slowly with rakes raised 
  • Little or no maintenance under normal conditions
  • Can be swept with a broom or leaf blower 
  • Saltwater resistant - can be fully submerged in water
  • Unaffected by tidal change


Download Mobi-Path LCN Product sheet

Download Mobi-Path AFX Product sheet 

Download Mobi-Path AFX - Accessibility Mat Product Sheet

Download Mobi-Path AFX Snow Product sheet

Download Mobi-Path Advertising Panel Sheet

Download Installation sheet

Download AFX Technical Specifications 


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