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Mobi-Track Portable Road Recovery Kit

Product image 1Photograph of a white Mobi-Track mat rolled up and tied to the roof racks of a car
Product image 2Man in military uniform with white rolled up Mobi-Tracks on sand
Product image 3Mobi-Track Portable Road Recovery Kit
Product image 4Photo of two white Mobi-Tracks rolled out on sand.
Product image 5Photo of a bogged 4WD on rugged sandy ground with two men setting up white Mobi-Tracks under the cars wheels.

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Never get stuck again

If you tackle sand, sea, dirt, rocks, mud, rivers or snow you are going to need a set of Mobi-Tracks. Designed in France specifically for the army, this recovery kit is like nothing else on the market. Lightweight and robust with the ability to mould to any surface.


Mobi-Track is designed and manufactured in France from 100% recyclable high density polyester, using patented 3D technology.

Lightweight and compact

Mobi-Track will free your vehicle from the most extreme conditions and can even be laid out in high risk areas. Easily store in the hood, roof or cargo compartment or conveniently strap to front, side or rear grills and racks.

Easy installation

A stainless steel eyelet at each end enables the mat to be secured to the ground by means of a stakes supplied in the kit.
Mobi-Mat® Recpath rollout ADA Beach Access Mat
Mobi-Mat® Recpath rollout ADA Beach Access Mat

Mobi-Mat® Recpath rollout ADA Beach Access Mat


What is it made from?

It is made from 100% recyclable high-density polyester mesh with a patented non-skid surface that provides excellent grip even in extreme conditions. 

 Is it tough?

Yes, it is UV resistant and resistant to extreme temperatures -40°C to +80°C.

 Is it easy to install?

Yes, it's light weight makes - 4kg per mat make it easy to manoeuvre.


Mobi-Earthmat kit includes: 

  • x 2 traction mats 3m x 0.5m
  • x 2 straps
  • x 2 stakes 
  • x 2 pins


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