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Portable Mobi-Boat Ramp

Product image 1Portable Mobi Boat Ramp
Product image 2Mobi Mat Specific Anchoring Sets
Product image 3Portable Mobi-Boat Ramp
Product image 4Portable Mobi-Boat Ramp
Product image 5Portable Mobi-Boat Ramp
Product image 6A brown Mobi-Boat Ramp has been rolled out on sand on a sandy and rocky beach. A catamaran is attached to a quad bike by a rope and is being pulled up the ramp. Two additional people are assisting to guide the direction of the catamaran.
Product image 7There are 10 catamarans with no sails  in the foreground on a beach. Past the catamarans are three Mobi-Boat Ramps intersecting with each other to form pathways. There are two catamarans in the distance with their sails up and there is water past those boats.
Product image 8A brown Mobi-Boat Ramp with clear white lines has been rolled out next to a wooden boat ramp on the edge of a lake. There are two aluminium rowing boats on the ramp. The lake  is in the background with trees growing the lake edge.
Product image 9Portable Mobi-Boat Ramp
Product image 10A Mobi-Boat Ramp has been rolled out on a sandy and slightly rocky surface from a sailing clubhouse presumably down to water. A sailing boat with a bright yellow and red sail on a trailer in being wheeled along the ramp while a couple people watch. There is a bright blue sky in the background.
Product image 11Brown Mobi-Boat Ramp has been rolled out on sand on a beach track. A boat attached to the back of a green beach buggy is being reversed  into the ocean
Product image 12A red boat is being reversed into the sea by a red van which has reversed down a Mobi-Boat Ramp that was rolled out along the sand and into the water
Product image 13Two people rolling out a Mobi-Boat Ramp along a sandy beach track towards the ocean
Product image 14Two people rolling out a Mobi-Boat Ramp on a beach. Two construction workers wearing hard hats are watching as if they are also involved in the project
Product image 15Sailing boat with bright yellow and pink sail being rolled on wheels along a Mobi-Boat Ramp mat that has been rolled out on sand on a long beach
Product image 16Mobi-Boat Ramp has been rolled out on sand. A jet ski on a trailer is on the ramp. There is water in the distance and lots of people in the photo.
Product image 17A Mobi-Boat Ramp has been rolled out on sand on a beach. An old red tractor has pulled a dingy out of the water and is pulling it along the boat ramp
Product image 18Portable Mobi-Boat Ramp

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Boat launching made easy

Getting a boat in and out of the water at your weekend holiday house or pop up sailing event isn’t easy without a boat ramp or concrete path. Muddy wet surfaces can get you, your boat or even your vehicle bogged.
Mobi-Boat Ramp ™ is a patented roll out 100% polyester mat, designed for creating easy boat launches and accommodating trailers and vehicles light on unstable grounds including sand, mud, swamp and gravel.

Robust non-slip corrugated surface

Designed for US Military forces using patented 3D technology, the puncture resistant corrugated surface is saltwater resistant and provides great traction for wheeled vehicles.

Ground Protection

Mobi-Boat Ramp makes boat launching easy, while also protecting the ground from any damage that could be caused due to recurring vehicle traffic.

Easy Installation

Mobi-Boat Ramp can be installed on any surface with minimal ground preparation. It takes too people just 15 minutes to roll out 50 metres. Stake anchors are supplied for securing the mat to the ground.

Flexible Configuration

Mobi-Boat Ramp comes in lightweight rolls. Each roll is equipped with specific fitting on both ends, allowing an easy connection with additional rolls to create a boat ramp of any size.

Low Maintenance

Mobi-Boat Ramp can be used as a temporary or permanent solution. Under normal conditions it requires little to no maintenance and can be swept with a broom or leaf blower and can be washed with a high pressure washer.

Environmentally Friendly

Made in France from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Mobi-Boat Ramp contributes positively to the environment yes is super durable. 






Mobi-Mat® Recpath rollout ADA Beach Access Mat


Can it be used on unstable grounds?

Yes, boat docking and undocking is made easy on unstable grounds such as sand, mud, creeks, oceans, swamps, lakes and gravel.

Are there different types of Mobi-Boat Ramps?

Yes, they vary in width and weave. There is an AFX weave and A2X weave. The A2X is the heavier duty weave. 

Is it non-slip?

Yes, it is a patented non slip corrugated surface which prevents tyres  from slipping even if it is submerged in water.

Is it portable?

Yes, it's portable but it can be used either as a permanent or temporary solution. 

Is it easy to install?

Yes, it's easy to roll out and install and easy to dismantle after use and roll away. It is also low maintenance.  

What size vehicles can it manage?

The AFX ramp supports light and medium sized vehicles.

The A2X ramp supports frequent use of full size cars and tractors. 

Does it protect sensitive ground?

Yes, it prevents ground damage due to recurring vehicle traffic and protects sensitive ground. It is very environmentally friendly and is compliant with environment regulations.

Does it easily connect onto existing infrastructure? 

Yes it does.

Is it saltwater resistant?

Yes, it's very durable. It is not impacted by salt water and can be left fully submerged in water. 

Is it affected by tidal change?

It is unaffected by tidal change. It can be secured to various types of ground cover. 

    Installation & Use

    • Minimal ground surface preparation required
    • weighs 1.66 kilograms per square metre
    • Only 2 people required to roll out the ramp
    • Approx 15 minutes to roll out 50m 
    • Secured to the ground with easy to use stakes - inserted through eyelets
    • Beach cleaning vehicles are able to drive over the mat - slowly with rakes raised 
    • Little or no maintenance under normal conditions
    • Can be swept with a broom or leaf blower


      • Width of 3m is generally recommended, 2m width also available
      • Standard Length 10m
      • Width and Lengths can be tailored to your needs. 

      Contact us to discuss your specific situation and needs


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