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How Australians Can Prepare for Possible Bushfires

As the scorching Australian summer approaches, the threat of bushfires looms large, particularly with the impending El Niño. With the increasing need to be vigilant and prepared, Mobi International offers a crucial solution to aid in bushfire preparedness - Mobi-Heli portable helicopter landing pads. In this blog, we will explore how these innovative landing pads can be instrumental in safeguarding communities and properties from the devastating impact of bushfires.

Understanding the Risk of Bushfires in Australia

Australia's hot and dry climate, coupled with weather patterns like El Niño, heightens the risk of bushfires during the summer season. El Niño conditions often result in reduced rainfall and increased temperatures, creating dry and arid conditions that significantly elevate the likelihood of bushfires spreading rapidly and uncontrollably.

The Role of Mobi-Heli Landing Pads

Mobi International's Mobi-Heli helicopter landing pads offer a unique set of features that can aid in bushfire preparedness and response:

  • Quick and Easy Deployment: In emergency situations, time is of the essence. Mobi-Heli portable helicopter landing pads can be installed within minutes, providing a stable and safe landing zone for helicopters to operate from.
  • Adaptability to Any Terrain: These landing pads utilise patented 3D technology, featuring a puncture-resistant corrugated surface that adapts to the contours of the ground. This means that Mobi-Heli landing pads can be effectively utilised on any type of terrain, even in remote or uneven areas.
  • Water Refilling Capabilities: As bushfires can lead to water scarcity, Mobi-Heli landing pads offer an invaluable advantage. Helicopters can use these landing pads to access dams and other water sources quickly, efficiently refilling their water tanks to support firefighting efforts.
  • Scalable Design: The lightweight rolls of Mobi-Heli portable helicopter landing pads come equipped with specific fittings on both ends, enabling easy connection with additional rolls. This unique feature allows for the creation of helipads of any size, catering to the specific needs of firefighting operations.

Strategies for Bushfire Preparedness

Beyond utilising Mobi-Heli landing pads, Australians can take additional measures to prepare for possible bushfires:

Develop an Emergency Plan 

Create a comprehensive emergency plan for your family and property. Identify evacuation routes, communication protocols, and essential items to take with you in case of evacuation.

Clear Vegetation

Maintain a clear space around your property by removing dry vegetation and flammable materials. This reduces the risk of a bushfire spreading to your home.

Stay Informed

Stay updated with weather reports and bushfire warnings from local authorities. Remain vigilant and prepared for any changes in conditions.

Community Preparedness

Work with your neighbours and local community to develop a collaborative bushfire preparedness strategy. Mutual support and cooperation can be invaluable during times of crisis.


With the potential threat of bushfires heightened by the looming El Niño, being prepared is paramount for Australians. Mobi International's Mobi-Heli portable helicopter landing pads offer a practical and versatile solution for helicopter operations during emergencies, facilitating water refilling and assisting in firefighting efforts. Alongside the deployment of these portable helicopter landing pads, taking proactive steps in bushfire preparedness can significantly improve communities' ability to safeguard lives and property from the destructive impact of bushfires.

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