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Traditional beach fencing is polluting our coastlines, but no one is talking about this!

Beach fencing plays a crucial role in protecting Australia’s beaches from sand erosion. The main objectives of the different fences you find on beaches are:

  • To mark access ways and restrict trampling on dunes and vegetation;
  • To reduce wind velocity that causes erosion;
  • To assist dune formation by trapping wind-blown sand and depositing it back.

Fences are built to rehabilitate our threatened coasts, and they are doing their job - in part. Unfortunately, many tonnes of plastic from traditional beach fences are currently buried in dunes around Australia. In an unintended consequence, non-biodegradable fencing is contributing to the dire beach pollution crisis. 

The Problem 

According to the WWF, every year Australia dumps 130,000 tonnes of plastic into its oceans. The CSIRO says three-quarters of human-made marine debris on our coasts is plastic. Marine debris can travel far, but most of the rubbish on our shores comes from us in Australia and lands in the bellies of marine life, seabirds and other coastal dwellers.

The non-biodegradable and potentially hazardous materials that make up traditional beach fences include plastic coated cord, wires prone to rust, and steel or plastic waratah posts. As well as posing an environmental threat, weather-worn fences shedding brittle plastic and rusty wire introduce safety hazards for burrowing animals and other beachgoers.

There is no excuse for something that is supposed to protect our beaches to contribute to their degradation. If you want to do good, do it right. The solution is quite simple.

The Solution

At Mobi International, we’re on a mission to alert more councils and beach lovers to this neglected environmental problem. We also offer the solution: the Mobi-Fence.

Research shows biodegradable beach fencing is preferred over non-biodegradable materials because of their delicate position along our shores. The Mobi-Fence is made of entirely biodegradable, compostable, recycled plastic that breaks down after five to seven years. The Mobi Fence is 35% bio-based and 65% petroleum-based. The chemical synthesis creates a weak molecular architecture, which makes it a 100% biodegradable fabric, certified by the United States Department of Agriculture.

The Mobi-Fence efficiently reduces wind velocity at ground surface and traps blowing sand. Its small holes prevent sand from going through it and its high permeability works as a successful windbreak.

The Mobi-Fence is also rot-proof, water resistant, UV resistant and has high abrasion resistance, making it more durable in the face of storms, waves, wind and human damage.

As well as protecting our dunes, the Mobi-Fence can be used to safeguard other areas, including animal sanctuaries and formal pathways in nature.

If you’d like to find out more about this product, you can contact us on 1300 031 103, or email us at

Let’s get the word out there to Australian councils so we can take one small, achievable step towards saving our beloved beaches!

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